’Soviet Seasons’

’Soviet Seasons’
Soviet Seasons is the follow-up volume to Arseniy Kotov's debut Soviet Cities, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter. 
In Soviet Seasons Kotov's photographs reveal unfamiliar aspects of the post-Soviet terrain. From snow-blanketed Siberia in winter, to the mountains of the Caucasus in summer, these images show how a once powerful, utopian landscape has been effected by the weight of nature itself.  
This uniquely broad perspective could only be achieved by a photographer such as Kotov. Singularly dedicated to exploring every corner of his country, Kotov often hitch-hikes across vast distances. On these journeys he chronicles not only the architectural achievements of the Soviet empire, but also its overlooked or simply undocumented constructions.

The book is available on Amazon, FUELpublishing, Greyscape and in many other shops.
In Russia you may find it on JupiterbooksOzonLabirint, My-shop, Designbook (Ukraine).