’Monumental art of the USSR’

’Monumental art of the USSR’
Arseny Kotov is a documentary photographer of Soviet monumental art of the 20th century. For more than eight years he has traveled throughout Russia and the post-Soviet republics in search of unusual objects of architecture, once inhabited but now abandoned places, in order to see and capture with his own eyes the traces of that distant and bygone era, that great country stretching from the northern icy seas to the hot deserts of mysterious Central Asia, from the Baltic cities to the endless taiga of the Far East.
This book collects his photographs of Soviet monumental art - mosaics, drawings, sgraffito, stained glass and frescoes, which often adorned buildings during Soviet times. Today this kind of art is in decline, preserved only in church decorations, and Soviet-era monumental works of art are deteriorating without proper care and are gradually disappearing from the streets of our cities. The book shows numerous examples of how and why certain themes and subjects became predominant in Soviet monumental art, demonstrates the most outstanding examples of Soviet muralists.
Only in Russian language.

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