’Abandoned Cities of the USSR’

’Abandoned Cities of the USSR’
"Over the past decades, tremendous changes have taken place in the lives of the people of the former Soviet Union. A huge number of cities, factories, research institutes, houses of culture, resorts, and much more have been abandoned forever. For many years I traveled through Russia and neighboring countries, visiting the most legendary of these abandoned places. The book features my photos and stories from trips to Pripyat, Baikonur, Norilsk, Magadan, Vorkuta, etc."
Arseniy Kotov is a traveler, photographer and blogger. For more than eight years he has been traveling through Russia and the former Soviet republics in search of unusual architecture, once inhabited, now abandoned sites, to see with his own eyes the remains of the past, the so-called "traces of an advanced civilization" stretching from the northern ice seas to the hot deserts of Central Asia, from the Baltic cities to the endless taiga of the Far East, and to make memorable pictures.
The book came out in September 2022. Only in Russian language.

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